Crypto Tip Button

An easy way to add a cryptocurrency tip button to your tilda blog
The Web3 era offers incredible opportunities for content creators, and if you want to get involved in this movement you have two possible roles:

You can:

  • create content
  • support content creators
  • (of course, you can also build tools that will help these two groups of people interact)

Introducing a tip button for your Tilda blog

To take advantage of it, all you need to do is:
- a blog,
- readers
- a little time to add the button to your blog entries template

Important points when adding a button

Make sure you put your address in the tip code;

Make sure everything is working correctly;

If you have any questions you can always fill out the form at the bottom of this article and get support from our company;

All code and short installation instructions are available in our repository.

Support the blog by transferring a small tip

If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, you can get it here
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